235/40R17 Zestino Gredge 07A TW280


Motorsport Semi Slick


The Zestino Acrova 07A (280TW) series are a Hard compound, Grippy performance tyre for Street & Track use. Designed with Maximum Traction and Wear in mind this tyre is perfect for your daily drive car and racetrack duties on the weekend. The ultimate tyre for Race, Drift & Street use for high performance and longer duration. These tyres have E mark and DOT numbers and are road legal in NSW. They can be used as “road tyres” in the NSW Supersprint Champion ships for 2020. The 07A is a direct competitor to the Achilles 123S & Michelin Pilot Sport 3.

The 07A also has 8mm tread depth which is perfect for Drifters and racers who want extended life out of their tyres!

Zestino Tyres provide a range of Motorsport-Oriented tyres that are designed in Japan. These tyres have E mark and DOT numbers and are road legal in NSW.

The Zestino Gredge is the Official tyre of the 2020 NSW Supersprint Championship Series

Centre Straight Groove

Two wide centre grooves ensure efficient channeling of water for improved traction in wet conditions. A rigid centre rib provides a constant contact patch, allowing for improved traction and stability under acceleration

Variable Wing Groove

Two variations of wing grooves are place along the outer tread with different lengths and angle. The longer groove assists in channeling and dispersing water out of the shoulder while allowing for improved cornering performance. The shorter groove provides directional stability.

Lightning Groove

The lighting groove combined with the variable wing grooves allow for improved lateral traction for maximum side bite

Side Dimple

Side dimples allow drivers to check the degree of wear and the effective patch area at a glance

NOTE: Price does not include FREIGHT, it will be quoted separately on completion of the order.